Deploy, Manage, and Monitor Serverless Applications on AWS

Seed manages pipelines, configures environments, and monitors deployments for Serverless Framework projects.

Made for Serverless

Seed is a fully-managed code pipeline made specifically for Serverless Framework applications.

Serverless plugin support

Seed supports the most common Serverless Framework plugins like serverless-webpack, serverless-python-requirements, serverless-plugin-warmup, etc.

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Mono-repo applications

Coordinate the deployment process between multiple services. Define complex workflows with parallel and sequential deployments.

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Flexible Git workflow

Easily create new Serverless stages from Git branches. Each feature branch gets its own independent stage.

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Promote and rollback

Every successful commit generates an immutable artifact that'll be used to generate Change Sets while promoting. And to rollback without any repackaging.

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Service pipelines

One stop visualization of the entire pipeline across all of your Serverless services. Always know which git commit is deployed to which stage.

Connect your CI

Seamlessly integrate with your existing CI system. Seed will listen for new builds in your artifact repository and automatically trigger the pipeline.

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Zero AWS-Ops

Seed automates the undifferentiated heavy lifting in managing your infrastructure across multiple AWS accounts replicated over multiple regions.


us-east-1 eu-west-2

Build 1318
Mar 14, 2018
Build 1317
Mar 13, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
Build 1316
Mar 13, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
Dev account
Pre-prod account
Prod account
Multiple AWS accounts

Turnkey solution for managing stages across multiple AWS accounts. Deploy one stage per account or multiple stages that share the same account.

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Multi-region support Beta

Manage multi-region AWS deployments for Serverless applications to achieve high availability without the added complexity.

Pipeline Visualization

Visualize your entire deployment pipeline over multiple AWS accounts and regions. Get a bird's-eye view of the status of your stages.

Resource management

Get an overview of all the resources deployed in your application including your Lambda and API Gateway endpoints.

Live logs & metrics

Seed organizes and displays live metrics from CloudWatch for the Lambda and API Gateway resources in your stack.

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API management

Turnkey solution for managing your API custom-domains and access logs across environments.

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Secure Pipelines

Seed gives you the ability to secure your deployment pipelines by giving you fine-grained roles and controls.

Deploy Dev
Deploy Staging
Deploy Production
Prod IAM
IAM deployment roles

Create restrictive IAM deployment roles to ensure that your team members can safely deploy to a given stage without affecting other resources.

Role-based access

Assign deployment roles to each member in your organization, to restrict access to actions such as promoting to production.


Seed takes security very seriously. We offer the ability to enable 2FA for individual accounts and to enforce SSO for your entire organization.

Connect Your Tools

Seed works with most of the tools and services that you already love and use.

Build notifications

Get notified when a build starts, succeeds, or fails via the channel you prefer, whether it is Slack, email, or through a custom webhook.

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Authentication providers

Seed integrates with Okta, so your team can login securely. We also support any SAML based auth provider, including OneLogin, G Suite, etc.

Private repositories

Integrate any private code repositories directly into your deployment process. Seed supports npm and JFrog with very little configuration.

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“Seed has made it possible for us to use Serverless at Shyft. We don’t need to spend time configuring environments and managing our workflows. It also gives us great control over our deployments and it has reduced our DevOps spend significantly.”

- Daniel Chen, CTO @ Shyft

New to Serverless?

We created Serverless Stack; a 550+ page open source guide on building full-stack serverless applications. With nearly 2K daily readers and over 1K GitHub stars, it's the most popular resource for creating serverless applications.

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