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Whether you are building your next startup or just getting started with Serverless, Seed has you covered. Deploy, manage, and monitor your Serverless applications with ease.

It’ll only take a minute. Seriously.

Are you building a Serverless Framework app on AWS? Here’s how Seed can make your life a lot easier.

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Git push to deploy

Just connect your Git repo and you are ready to deploy. No build scripts needed.

  • Ready-to-use Git workflow

    Seed supports all the standard Git workflows out-of-the-box. Deploy to multiple environments, regions, or to different AWS accounts! You won’t need to configure or manage your deployment workflow.

  • Built for monorepo apps

    Deploying monorepo apps with a handful of services and dependencies can be slow and cumbersome. Not with Seed. It’ll deploy all your services concurrently. And skip the ones that haven’t been updated!



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    Logs | Metrics

Manage your apps

Get a birds-eye-view of all your apps and its resources.

  • Organized resources

    Seed takes all the Lambda functions, API endpoints, resources, stack outputs and organizes them for you. This lets you easily manage your applications without having to search through your build logs.

  • Instant search

    Lambda functions and API endpoints are indexed on every deployment. Allowing you to instantly access their logs or metrics with a couple of keystrokes.

43.79 ms
219 MB
RequestId: 29f97449-b24a-4fdf-8f02-cf031fd4cc42 Lambda invoked
8.31 ms
219 MB
RequestId: 5ef5fe9b-114b-4ef1-a28a-a17299c63820 Lambda invoked


START RequestId: 5ef5fe9b-114b-4ef1-a28a-a17299c63820 Version: $LATEST


2020-03-17T07:00:26.787Z	INFO	Lambda invoked


2020-03-17T07:00:26.787Z	INFO	Lambda processing started


END RequestId: 5ef5fe9b-114b-4ef1-a28a-a17299c63820
110.80 ms
219 MB
Runtime.UnhandledPromiseRejection: Error: serverless-cd-api-prod-github_hook - 1019
2.78 ms
219 MB
RequestId: 8fc0b7a0-5244-4fa2-9e34-39e3d173052a Lambda invoked
6.43 ms
160 MB
RequestId: 8784199b-d122-406b-9d1c-2b1cece61ad7 Lambda invoked
3.12 ms
168 MB
RequestId: b7abc673-7358-4dff-b317-fe844fafe4ac Lambda invoked
3.00 ms
168 MB
RequestId: ced4eabf-0461-41e8-bd9c-6e98a682805e Lambda invoked

Human readable logs

No more having to find log groups, streams, or missing entries.

  • Grouped by request

    View the log output for a single request in one single place. You won’t have to search around to piece together the entire request. Logs are also shareable! So you can send your teammate a link to easily track down errors.

  • Powerful filters

    View the logs live, for a specific point in time, or based on a search query. Use the filters to find the logs for exactly what you are looking for. No more debugging in the dark.

  API  main-prod
439 ms 544
  Lambda  createNote notes-prod-createNote
141 ms 0
  Lambda  getNote notes-prod-getNote
691 ms 0
  Lambda  deleteNote notes-prod-deleteNote
442 ms 0

360° Metrics

Always know how your app is performing. All without having to set anything up.

  • Metrics dashboard

    Monitor the key resources in your application by pinning them to your dashboard. Keep an eye on the latency and errors of your APIs. And click through to easily view the logs for the requests generating the errors.

  • App reports in your inbox

    Seed compiles the metrics for all your apps and generates daily or weekly reports. Get these reports sent directly to your inbox. So you’ll know exactly how all the resources in your app are performing.

“Seed has made it possible for us to use Serverless at Shyft. We don’t need to spend time configuring environments and managing our workflows. It also gives us great control over our deployments and it has reduced our DevOps spend significantly.”

Daniel Chen

CTO, Shyft

“At Empirical we strive to provide quality solutions in a very short period of time to every project we take on. With Seed we can speed up the development process for new Serverless projects. We are now rolling out and managing multiple projects pretty efficiently.”

Sebastian Pereyro

Founder, Empirical

New to Serverless?

We created Serverless Stack — a 900+ page open source guide on building full-stack Serverless applications. With nearly 3500 daily readers, over 2900 GitHub stars, and available in multiple languages; it’s the most popular resource for learning how to build Serverless applications.

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