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Work on your Serverless app, skip the DevOps.

We know you've been putting off setting up a CI/CD pipeline for your Serverless app. Don't worry, Seed will automate your deployments and manage your environments; all with very little configuration.

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Are you a small team building a Serverless Framework app on AWS? Here is how Seed can make your life a lot easier.

Just connect your repo and you are ready to deploy. No build scripts needed.



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You're trying to manage multiple environments for your team; dev, staging, and production. They might be in different AWS accounts. Your dev and staging environments are deployed on git push, while you might need to approve the changes that get promoted to production.

All this takes some scripting to configure through a CI like Circle or Travis. Not with Seed. You get all of this with almost no configuration. It's like having a DevOps expert on your team!

Learn more about adding environments and using multiple AWS accounts per environment.

Finally something that works for monorepo Serverless apps.


Your Serverless app has a few services. And you just added another last week. Deploying it with a traditional CI is either slow or very expensive. They charge you extra to concurrently deploy your services.

Seed is built specifically for Serverless apps with multiple services. Add them through our dashboard and we'll deploy them concurrently. Or set the order in which you want them deployed. And to make sure your deployments are fast, Seed will only deploy the services that have been updated.

Learn more about monorepo deployments and managing service dependencies.

Now we know what you are thinking…

“Why can't I just do a `serverless deploy` in Circle or Travis?”

Here's why you should use Seed instead.

  • It's faster
    • All your services are deployed concurrently
    • Only the updated services are redeployed
  • It's more reliable
    • Review the infrastructure changes in a build
    • 1-click rollback to any of your previous builds
  • And it works out cheaper!
    • Other CIs charge you extra for concurrency

But wait there's more! Because Seed isn't just another CI/CD service.

A Great Dashboard

Want to know what's running in production? Not sure if the posts service in QA was deployed with the latest code? Our dashboard tells you exactly which commit is deployed to which environment or service. So you get a great birds-eye view of the state of your app across all the different environments. Plus our dashboard looks really good too!

Intuitive Change Sets

Are you unsure what is being promoted to production? Is this the build with all those infrastructure changes? Seed shows you a diff of which AWS resources are being added, removed, or modified. We generate change sets that are easy to read and we show you all the important stuff at the top, so you'll never drop that table by mistake.

Oh, we also handle rollbacks, help you set up custom domains, and show you logs and metrics.

So let us manage the deployments for your Serverless app, and you can get back to working on it.

Trusted by teams from

“Seed has made it possible for us to use Serverless at Shyft. We don’t need to spend time configuring environments and managing our workflows. It also gives us great control over our deployments and it has reduced our DevOps spend significantly.”

- Daniel Chen, CTO @ Shyft

“Seed has made deploying and managing our Serverless apps super slick. Prior to Seed, we’d looked at using services like Circle to handle our CI/CD, but so much configuration was needed for them to work well with Serverless. Plus the team at Seed are really helpful and responsive, which is vital when you’re working with new technology.”

- Lewis Blackwood, CTO @ Personably

New to Serverless?

We created Serverless Stack — a 650+ page open source guide on building full-stack Serverless applications. With nearly 3000 daily readers, over 2200 GitHub stars, and available in multiple languages; it's the most popular resource for learning how to build Serverless applications.

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