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Are you building a Serverless Framework app on AWS? Here’s how Seed can make your life a lot easier.



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Manage your environments

Create and manage your team's dev, staging, and production environments.

  • Environments to match the way you work

    You are trying to manage a couple of environments for your team. They might be in different AWS accounts. Or they might be deployed to multiple regions. Seed will help you set it up exactly the way you want.

  • Preview environments made easy

    Seed can automatically create a new environment when a pull request is created. And when you close that PR, it'll tear down the environment as well. Perfect for testing that new feature you've been working on.

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Git push to deploy

Seed is a fully-configured CI/CD pipeline for Serverless apps.

  • Ready-to-use Git workflow

    Don't spend a whole week trying to set up your CI/CD pipeline. Seed supports all the standard Git-based workflows out-of-the-box. Simply connect your Git repo and you are ready to deploy.

  • Built for monorepo apps

    Deploying monorepo apps with a handful of services can be slow and awkward. Not with Seed. It’ll deploy all your services concurrently. While skipping the ones that haven’t been updated.

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Real-time Lambda alertsNew

Get alerts through Slack or email when something goes wrong.

  • Nothing to install

    Just `console.error` to report an error! There are no 3rd party SDKs, agents, or libraries to install. It's completely native. And it detects all Lambda failures. Including timeouts and out of memory errors.

  • Free and unlimited

    Being able to monitor your Lambda functions is essential to building great Serverless apps. Which is why it's available for free on Seed. You shouldn't have to pay more for monitoring than your entire Serverless infrastructure!

“Seed allows us to build great products while saving time and money. Just like the idea of serverless, Seed lets us focus on what really matters — business value & product. My team can promote their code in minutes. And the best thing about Seed is that there's nothing to worry about.”

Júnior Ferreira

Tech Lead, Kovi (YC W19)

“Seed has made it possible for us to use Serverless at Shyft. Instead of spending time configuring environments and managing our workflows; we can focus on the business use case. It also gives us great control over our deployments and it has reduced our DevOps spend significantly.”

Daniel Chen

CTO, Shyft (Techstars 2016)

New to Serverless?

We created Serverless Stack — a 1000+ page open source guide on building full-stack Serverless applications. With nearly 3500 daily readers, over 3000 GitHub stars, and available in multiple languages; it’s the most popular resource for learning how to build Serverless applications.

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