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per month

Free forever



per month

3 users + $10 per user / mo




per month

10 users + $15 per user / mo



per month



per month



per month


The number of users included in the plan.

Additional users

Add additional users to the account.

$10 per user / month
$15 per user / month
Fully-Managed CI/CD
Concurrent builds

Deploy all the services in your monorepo app concurrently, at no extra charge! Learn more

Build minutes

The amount of time it takes for a build to complete, rounded up to the nearest minute.

Additional minutes

Add additional build minutes to your account.

$10 / month for 1500
$10 / month for 1500
Incremental deploys

Seed will only deploy the services and Lambda functions that've been updated. Learn more

Deploy phases

Deploy the interdependent services in your monorepo app in separate phases. Learn more

Multi-region deployments

Deploy your app to multiple regions with ease. Learn more

Slack & email notifications

Get Slack or email notification on the status of your builds.

Custom build webhooks

Setup webhooks to be triggered once your builds complete. Learn more

CI/CD integration

Configure Seed to deploy after completing the build jobs in CircleCI, Travis CI, or GitHub Actions. Learn more

API custom domains

Configure custom domains for your API endpoints. Learn more

High-performance builds

Configure your builds to run in high performance machines. Learn more

Run Docker commands

Run Docker commands in your build processes. Learn more

GitHub Enterprise

Add your GitHub Enterprise repos in Seed. Learn more

GitLab Self-Managed

Add your GitLab Self-Managed repos in Seed. Learn more

Logging & Monitoring
Real-time monitoring

Get real-time error alerts for all your Lambda functions without any code changes.

Monitored events

That's right! Lambda monitoring in Seed is free and unlimited.

Logs and metrics

View live logs and metrics to debug and monitor the health of your app. Learn more

Weekly reports

Get weekly email reports with the latency of your APIs and the top errors in your Lambda functions. Learn more

Security & Access Control
Audit logs

Get a complete log of all the actions applied to your organization in Seed. Learn more

Single-sign on

Allow the members of your organization to login to Seed with your SAML based SSO provider.

Mandatory 2FA

Require that all the members of your organization enable 2 factor authentication on Seed. Learn more

Role-based access

Restrict the stages that members in your organization have access to. Learn more

Billing Options
Billing role

Billing roles only have access to your billing settings in Seed.

Invoice billing

Pay your bills on Seed via invoices, rather than using a credit card.

Custom contract

Sign a custom agreement with the terms and policies that work best for your enterprise.


Community support is available anytime via our forums. Email support is available via

Priority support

Priority support ensures that your support requests are triaged appropriately by our staff. Available 5 days a week over email and chat.

Support SLA

Get premium support and guaranteed response times by adding a support SLA to your plan.

Uptime SLA

Get guaranteed performance and stability by adding our uptime SLA to your plan.

Concierge onboarding

Our engineers will work with your team to ensure that your project is set up the right way on Seed. And without any downtime.

Why build concurrency matters

Traditional CIs are not well-suited for Serverless apps that have multiple services. They charge you extra to deploy them concurrently. This means that if your app has 5 services and each service takes 2 minutes to deploy; your entire app will take 5 x 2 minutes = 10 minutes to deploy, when using one concurrent build server.

Seed on the other hand, will deploy all your services concurrently. So the entire deployment will take only 2 minutes. At no extra cost!

Sign up for a free account. And upgrade when you are ready. Or contact sales if you have custom needs.

Enterprise Add-Ons

Upgrade right from your console. Or contact us if you need any help.

GitHub Enterprise

Add apps connected to your GitHub Enterprise repos in Seed.

GitHub Enterprise Private Build IPs
GitLab Self-Managed

Add apps connected to your GitLab Self-Managed repos in Seed.

GitLab Self-Managed Private Build IPs
Single Sign-On

Sign in to Seed using your SAML based SSO provider.

SAML SSO Okta Integration Support
Priority Support

Priority response for all support requests. Available from 9 AM - 5 PM PST on business days.

9 AM - 5 PM 8 hr response time Priority response
Support SLA

Guaranteed response time of 4 hours between 6 AM - 6 PM PST on business days. Business critical responses in 1 hour.

6 AM - 6 PM 4 hr response time 1 hr business critical
$4000 / month
Uptime SLA

Seed build servers and web console backed by a 99.99% SLA.

99.99% Build Servers Web Console
$2000 / month
Concierge Onboarding

Ensure that your projects are configured on Seed the right way.

Migration plans Connect existing pipelines

Need some help putting together the right plan?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are build minutes?

    Build minutes is the amount of time a build process takes to complete, rounded up to the nearest minute. There is a monthly limit on the total number of build minutes per account. For example, the Individual plan has a limit of 500 build minutes per month.

  • How are build minutes calculated on an account?

    The Team plan gives you 1500 build minutes per user on the account. So if your account has 10 users; it has a limit of 10 x 1500 build minutes = 15 000 build minutes per month. If you need more build minutes on your account, simply add another user to the account.

    If you have custom requirements, feel free to contact us.

  • What happens if I go over the build minutes limit?

    For most cases the build minutes limit is more than enough. However, if you do go over the limit, we'll send you an email. Your account will still function normally, giving you a chance to upgrade your account. If you are significantly above the limit, you won't be able to trigger any new builds. But don't worry, it'll be back to normal once you upgrade your account or when the limit resets for the next month.

  • What happens if I decide to move away from Seed?

    You are not locked-in to using Seed in any way. We deploy to your AWS account on your behalf. So if you decide to move away at any point, your deployments will still work just as before.

  • What if I have some Enterprise requirements not listed here?

    No worries, we can figure out how to get you setup. Just send us an email with your requirements and we'll schedule a call with one of our engineers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our plans or features.