Seed makes it easy to deploy your Serverless app to multiple regions.

Setting the region for a stage

To start off, let’s configure our production stage to deploy to a specific region.

Head over to the app settings and select your prod stage.

Prod stage

Here, you’ll notice the deployed region setting.

Stage region setting

By default, Seed does not specify a region while deploying your app. This means that Serverless Framework will use the default region specified in your serverless.yml. But to configure multi-region deployments, let’s specify a stage we want to deploy our app to.

Select deployed region setting

Now you’ll notice that this region is used while deploying your app.

Region setting in build log

Note that, once a stage has been deployed, Seed will not allow you to change the region. This is because deploying to a new region is equivalent to deploying to a new stage. This orphans the previously deployed stage.

To deploy to another region, you’ll need to create a new stage.

Add multiple prod stages

Head over to your app pipeline, and hit Edit Pipeline.

App pipeline

Here you can add a new stage, and set it as a production stage.

Add new prod stage

And just as above, you can head over to the stage settings, and select the region you want it deployed to.

Promoting to prod

Now that you have multiple prod stages, you’ll be able to promote them separately.

Select prod stage for to promote

And that’s it! Your app is now deployed to multiple regions.