Seed makes it very easy to monitor your deployments by giving you a live look at your API Gateway Access Logs and Lambda Logs. This allows you to monitor your deployments and decide if you need to rollback in case of an error.

Lambda Logs

To view the Lambda metrics for a stage, simply select the stage.

Select stage

Click View Resources for the service you are looking for.

Stage view resources

Here Seed gives you a clear overview of the resources that have been deployed.

Resources Info

Hit Logs for a Lambda you are interested in.

Lambda Logs

This pulls up the logs for a set amount of time. In this case it displays the logs for the last 15mins. Alternatively, you can switch to the Live view to monitor the logs as they come in.

Lambda Logs Live

Seed also detects any errors in your Lambdas and formats them appropriately.

Lambda Logs Error

Access Logs

If you have an API Gateway endpoint in your deployment, you can view the access logs for this as well.

API Gateway Access Logs are disabled by default and need to be enabled on AWS. You’d need to create an IAM Role, configure CloudWatch, etc. to do so. We simplify this on Seed.

You can enable it by hitting Enable Access Logs button.

Enable Access Logs

With the access logs enabled, hit Access Logs for the API Gateway endpoint.

Resources info

Access logs are displayed similar to the Lambda logs.

Access Logs

And you can switch over to the Live view to see the logs as they come in.