For Node.js projects you might be using private npm modules as dependencies. You can follow the steps below to ensure they are made available during the build process.

  1. Get your npm authentication token

    This is usually in a ~/.npmrc file on your local machine. Follow these steps to get your token.

  2. Add your npm token as a secret

    Just like any other environment variable, follow these steps to add your token as a secret in the Seed console. For this example we will name your environment variable NPM_TOKEN.

  3. Store your token in the build process

    Add the following to your build spec (seed.yml).

       - echo "//$NPM_TOKEN" >> ~/.npmrc

    This uses the NPM_TOKEN environment variable from the previous step to create a .npmrc file to reference your private npm modules.

That’s it! This should tell npm to use your token to reference your private modules.