Seed gives you a zero-config way to deploy Serverless Go projects. We provide out-of-the-box support for the following ways to build your project:

  1. Using the Makefile
  2. Using the serverless-go-build plugin

Using the Makefile

Seed first checks if you have a Makefile in your project. If so, then it assumes that you have the right steps for building your project.

We have a simple starter repo with the Makefile example here.

Using the serverless-go-build Plugin

If a Makefile is not found, then Seed will look to see if you are using the serverless-go-build plugin. If you are, then it will run the following while building your project:

  • Install the dependencies using dep ensure. Where dep is the dependency manager for Go.
  • Run the serverless build.

If a Makefile is found in addition to the plugin, then Seed will run make before serverless build.

We also have a simple starter repo with the serverless-go-build example here.

Once the project has been built (with either of the two approaches), Seed continues the standard Serverless deployment process.

Updating the Go Versions

If you want to use a different version of Go than the one provided by the build images, you can set it using the Seed build spec and goenv.