Seed needs your AWS IAM credentials to deploy your project on your behalf to your AWS account.

The IAM permissions that Seed requires is made up of:

  1. The permissions that Seed needs
  2. And the permissions Serverless Framework needs to deploy your app

Seed can help you create an IAM user with the necessary credentials. Hit the Help me create an IAM user link.

Click the help me create an IAM user link screenshot

Review the permissions that Seed needs.

Review Seed IAM permissions screenshot

Next, customize the permissions that Serverless Framework needs to deploy your app. By default these permissions are very broad since this depends specifically on your app. If you are already using a set of IAM permissions to deploy, you can paste them here.

Customize Serverless Framework IAM permissions screenshot

Alternatively, you can read the Customizing your IAM Policy chapter; to get a better idea on how to craft an airtight policy.

Once you are done customizing the permissions, Seed will put the two above sets of permissions together. And will help you create an IAM user using CloudFormation.

Hit the Create an IAM User using CloudFormation button.

Click Create an IAM user using CloudFormation screenshot

This will redirect you to CloudFormation on your AWS Console.

CloudFormation Seed template screenshot

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, hit the I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources. and click Create.

Click create CloudFormation Seed template screenshot

CloudFormation will now create a Seed IAM user. This will take a minute or two.

CloudFormation Seed user creating screenshot

Once complete, expand the Outputs section. And copy the AccessKey and SecretKey.

CloudFormation complete output screenshot

Paste it back over on Seed.

Paste IAM credentials on Seed screenshot

Hit Add App to complete creating your app!