Making it easy to build
and deploy Serverless apps

Our mission at Seed is to make it extremely easy and efficient for teams to build and deploy Serverless Framework projects on AWS. We want to make sure your team has everything it needs to build great products.

The Team

Seed is created by Anomaly Innovations. We are based in San Francisco and Toronto. We've got a great deal of experience with Serverless and AWS. And as a team we are intensely focused on providing a great developer experience within Seed. If you are passionate about Serverless or React, we would love for you to join our team!

Our Investors

We are lucky to have a great set of investors on our side; including Russ Simmons, Max Levchin, Reid Hoffman, Steve Chen, James Hong, SV Angel and a few others.

In the Community

We are very active in the Serverless and AWS community. We helped organize Serverless Days/Functions 18, the biggest Serverless conference in Canada. And we help run our local Serverless Toronto meetup.

We are also authors of Serverless Stack; an open source guide for building full-stack serverless applications. We've helped hundreds of folks in the community get started with serverless.