• Seed at Functions Conf 2018

    We are excited to announce that Frank and Jay from the Seed team will be speaking at the ServerlessDays Toronto/Functions 2018 Conference on September 28th.

  • Application Serverless Web Apps

    We had a chance to talk about how web application development is changing with Serverless at the Serverless meetup in Toronto.

  • Talking About Serverless Web Applications

    The Seed team will be talking about how Serverless is changing web applications at the Serverless Meetup in Toronto on Aug 8th.

  • Build Source Branch

    You can now view the source branch used for a build. The build page shows the Git source branch in addition to the Git commit id and the committer.

  • Pretty Printed Logs

    Lambda logs in Seed are now pretty printed when displaying JSON objects.

  • Organization Accounts

    Organization accounts in Seed is now publicly available. You can create your organization, add team members, and manage roles and permissions across all the apps in your organization.

  • Cancelling Builds

    You can now cancel a build if it’s taking too long. Seed allows you to cancel builds while they are still generating the build package (or artifacts).

  • Deleting Resources

    Seed now gives you the flexibility to delete resources (apps, stages, and services), just from the Seed console.

  • Building Artifacts Concurrently

    Seed now generates the artifacts for your production stages concurrently while building and deploying for the target stage. So the builds in Seed just got a lot more faster!

  • Custom Webhooks

    Seed now supports custom webhooks as a way to be notified on the progress of a build. Simply, add the webhook URL and optionally specify a JWS secret token.

  • Mono-Repo Apps

    Mono-repo support in Seed is now publicly available. With this change, a Serverless app can have multiple services within it. Seed will also deploy all the services within your app concurrently.

  • Talking About Serverless Development

    The Seed team had a chance to give a talk and share their experiences on Serverless Development at a meetup in Toronto.

  • Mono Repo Support in Beta

    Mono-repo support is now in beta! You can now specify that a project is a part of a mono-repo project while adding it to Seed.

  • IAM Credentials per Stage

    You can now set custom IAM credentials for a stage. Now you can deploy to stages that are in completely separate AWS Organizations!

  • Node v8.10 Support

    AWS Lambda recently added support for Node.js v8.10. And we just rolled out support for it at Seed as well.

  • Queued Builds

    Seed will now automatically queue your builds if the stage is currently busy with another build.

  • Slack Notifications

    You can now be notified through Slack on the progress of a build. Seed will send you a notification when a build starts and when it completes (success and failure).

  • Email Notifications

    You can now be notified via email on the progress of a build. Seed will send you a notification when a build starts and when it completes (success and failure).

  • Viewing Logs and Metrics

    Seed now displays logs and metrics for your deployments. You can also enable API Gateway access logs. This allows you to monitor your deployments right from the Seed console!

  • Deployment Info

    Once you successfully deploy to a stage; Seed can display information on the deployment.

  • Setting Custom Domains

    Seed can now help you configure custom domains for your API Gateway endpoints with just a couple of clicks. Simply pick the domain, sub domain, and base path. And Seed will configure the SSL certificates and IAM permissions necessary for it.

  • Add Project Members

    Projects can now have members that can be added through the settings. Simply, invite your team members using their email.

  • Python Support

    You can now deploy Python projects via Seed! Python 2.7 and 3.6 are supported. And dependencies are built using Virtualenv.

  • Review Change Sets

    You can now review your AWS CloudFormation Change Sets when promoting to production in Seed. Change Sets are generated automatically when promoting a build to the production stage.

  • Auto-Deploy Pull Requests

    Seed now supports auto-deploying pull requests. Pull request stages allow you to preview changes before merging them.