If you’ve checked out the recent Seed console redesign, you might have noticed a new tab in your apps. Issues — native, real-time Lambda monitoring and alerting.

Issues feed in Seed

Issues is currently in private beta. We’ve been using it internally for sometime now and it:

  • Works out-of-the-box. No code changes or external SDKs needed.
  • Sends Slack or email alerts with a complete log of the failed request.
  • Autodetects all Lambda failures. Including out of memory and timeouts.
  • Supports native error reporting. Use console.error to report any exceptions.

Issues details page in Seed

Issues is free during the beta. And thanks to our smart log subscription algorithm, it’ll be a lot more cost-effective than comparable offerings!

We’ll be releasing more details about Issues in the coming weeks as we prepare for a public launch. In the meantime, check out our docs on it.

Joining the Beta

If you’d like to be a part of the beta, head over to your app and click Join Waitlist to reserve your place in line. We’ll send you an invite once we are ready to enable it for your account!