We are making a small but critical update to help save you build minutes while deploying your monorepo Serverless app.

No build minutes charged in Seed

Seed does a great job of only deploying the services that’ve been updated in your monorepo Serverless app. This really speeds up your deployments and saves you build minutes. We do this by checking your Git log for updates. Or using Lerna to check for updates (if you are using Lerna + Yarn Workspaces).

However, these checks can take 10-20 seconds to run (depending on the size of the repo), rounding up to 1 build minute. This can really add up if you have a dozen services in your app.

Today we are rolling out a change to make these checks free. This means that you won’t be charged for any build minutes if a service in your app hasn’t been updated.

We are constantly trying to ensure that our pricing is as fair and transparent as possible. To learn more about our pricing plans, visit — www.seed.run