FitSense recently shared a blog post detailing their Serverless development workflow. They use Seed to automatically bring up and tear down new environments.

FitSense landing page

Mitchell Shelton from the FitSense team recently wrote about the key lessons they learnt from scaling their development environment. They use Serverless, AWS CloudFormation, and Seed to allow their developers to automatically create their own completely isolated environments.

To create a new Serverless environment, the developers on the FitSense team simply need to create a new Git branch:

$ git checkout -b popup-stack
$ git push origin popup-stack

This creates a completely isolated environment on demand that they can use to develop and test with. And to tear it down, you simply delete the branch:

$ git push -d origin popup-stack

We’ve written about git workflow for Serverless apps on our blog before. But it’s really great to see teams share their experiences with implementing these workflows. You get a firsthand account of the motivations and challenges involved.

So make sure to check out their blog post! And let us know how your team is using Seed to improve your Serverless development workflow!