Seed now supports auto-deploying pull requests. Pull request stages allow you to preview changes before merging them.

Pull Request Stage Building

Here is what happens when a new pull request is submitted to your project repo.

  1. Seed will check if the branch the pull request is submitted to is currently being deployed to a stage.
  2. If the branch is being tracked; then a new stage is created for the submitted pull request.
  3. The new PR stage will be deployed using --stage=$STAGE. Where $STAGE is the stage that is deployed using the branch from above. You can learn more about stages in Serveress here.
  4. All the secrets from the stage is applied to the new PR stage.
  5. Any new commits to the PR will be auto-deployed.

This gives you the ability to preview pull requests before merging them. You can read more about working with pull requests in our docs.