We are happy to announce a couple of highly requested changes to our pricing plans.

Updated Seed pricing plans

Seed is the perfect way to manage your Serverless CI/CD pipelines. And we are making a couple of changes here that we think will make Seed even more accessible.

A Plan for Your Team

Previously, our pricing plans were based on the number of deployments you were making. And while this is a simple way to track your usage, we think there are a couple of issues with this. Firstly, the number of deployments you make, depends heavily on which phase your project is in. In it’s early developmental phase, you are likely to be making a large number of deployments. While in the maintenance phase of your project, you are probably not going to be deploying very often. Also, it’s hard to estimate these numbers before you get started on a project.

To fix this, we are changing the way our pricing plans are structured. Our plans are now based on the number of team members that are using Seed. You can check out the details by visiting our new pricing page.

There are some soft limits on the number of deployments but in our experience most folks are well within these limits. And you can always contact us if you think you need more.

A Bigger Free Tier

We are also making a big change to our Individual Plan. It is now free and the soft limit on the number of deployments for the free tier has been increased from 15 to 200!

With the above changes we hope to make Seed accessible to both individuals that are working on their first Serverless app, all the way to larger teams that want to manage their Serverless CI/CD pipelines.