You’ll now receive a notification (Slack, email, or Webhook) if there was a problem with removing a stage.

When Seed removes a stage, it removes every single service in that stage. Including all of its resources. And depending on the number of resources and services involved, this process might fail.

Failed to remove stage in Seed

Usually you’ll need to retry removing the stage. But since the process of removing a stage happens in the background; you won’t know if there was a problem unless you check the Seed console. This is especially true for stages that are removed automatically. Like when a PR is closed or a branch is removed.

To fix this, Seed will now send you a notification if there was a problem removing a stage. These are sent to the ones configured in the build notifications. And it’ll tell you the error and link back to the stage that had the problem.

Failed to remove stage notifications are really helpful if you are using a PR or branch based workflow to deploy for your Serverless app.