Error Message

Missing required key ‘Bucket’ in params


Serverless Framework creates an S3 bucket to store the deployment artifacts for your Serverless application. This error usually happens if the first serverless deploy command failed to create the S3 bucket. This in turn will cause all the subsequent deployments to fail with the above error.

There are two common reasons for the S3 bucket failing to create:

  1. IAM credentials not having permission to create S3 buckets
  2. Your AWS account reaches the 100 S3 bucket limit

The two above failures have two error messages that look like:

s3:CreateBucket Access Denied.


You have attempted to create more buckets than allowed.

Check your first failed deployment for these error messages.


First, identify and fix the issue that caused the initial failure. Here is how to fix the IAM issue and the bucket limit issue.

Then, go over to your CloudFormation console and manually remove the stack. Note: a serverless remove might fail with the same error and might not actually remove the stack.

After the stack is done removing, try deploying again.