Error Message

The Serverless version (1.xx.x) does not satisfy the “frameworkVersion” (=1.xx.x) in serverless.yml


Serverless Framework allows you to set a specific framework version to use for your app in the serverless.yml. You can read more about the frameworkVersion option in the docs Serverless Framework here. It’ll use this option to deploy your app with the specified version. Note that the frameworkVersion can also be a range.

In the case of this error, Serverless Framework is complaining that the installed version of the framework does not match the one defined in the frameworkVersion.


You can either remove the version pinning by removing the frameworkVersion option from your serverless.yml. Or update the version of Serverless Framework by running npm install -g serverless@x.xx.xx.

Seed will automatically do this for you by installing the specified version in frameworkVersion. And in the case this isn’t specified, Seed will fallback to using the latest stable version of Serverless Framework.