Error Message

The stack service name “xxxx-dev” is not valid. A service name should only contain alphanumeric (case sensitive) and hyphens. It should start with an alphabetic character and shouldn’t exceed 128 characters.


CloudFormation stack names have the following restrictions:

  • Only alphanumeric characters (case-sensitive) and hyphens
  • Start with an alphabetic character
  • Can’t be longer than 128 characters

Serverless uses the service name to build the CloudFormation stack name. And so, service names inherit the above restrictions as well.


Change the service name to follow the above restrictions.

Alternatively, if you want to have control over the CloudFormation stack name, you can specify it directly in your serverless.yml provider section:


  stackName: custom-stack-name


You can read more on this over on the Serverless Framework docs.