Today we are introducing some changes to our Enterprise plan to make it far more accessible! We also updated our pricing page to make our plans as simple and transparent as possible.

New Seed pricing plan table

Before we dive into the new Enterprise plan, note that no changes have been made to our existing plans. If you are currently on one, they will continue to work as is.

Seed Enterprise Plan

There are a couple of big improvements included in this new plan:

  1. Starts at $300 a month

    You can now get started with our Enterprise plans for just $300 a month! It includes, 5 users, a build minutes limit of 15000, Audit Logs, Mandatory 2FA, Role-based access, and much more. And you can add additional users for $15 a month.

  2. Self-Serve

    You can now upgrade right from your Seed console! Just head over to —

  3. Enterprise Add-Ons

    We’ve also made it easy to add extra features to your Enterprise plan. Add-ons like GitHub Enterprise support, GitLab Self-Managed support, SSO, or Support and Uptime SLAs can be added right from the console.

    Enterprise Add-Ons in Seed

    You can learn more about the add-ons over on our pricing page.

Contacting Us

The above changes allow you to upgrade your plans without having to talk to us. But don’t worry! We are here in case you need any help. If you have any questions about our plans, or have custom requirements; simply contact sales.

We’ll be more than happy to assist!

Transparent Pricing

This update is really about our commitment to keeping our pricing plans as simple and transparent as possible. Too often we run into services with pricing plans that sound too good to be true. And usually they are! The details are either lost in the fine print or are designed to intentionally mislead.

This practice of obscuring the details of pricing plans never made sense to us. It’s so common in our industry, that it seems like expected behavior. We are now trained to look at pricing pages to try and figure out what the catch is. We want to move away from this practice.

We want to build products that earn your trust and our pricing plans should be no different.

So make sure to check out our new pricing page and let us know if you have any questions!