Seed now has a CLI that allows you to trigger deployments to your apps from anywhere in your organization’s workflow.

Seed CLI npm install

The Seed CLI is available as an npm package.

$ npm install -g @seed-run/cli

You simply need to pass in the org, app, and stage that you want to deploy a specific Git commit to.

$ SEED_TOKEN=$ACME_ORG_TOKEN seed deploy \
  --org acme \
  --app backend-api \
  --stage dev \
  --commit 700b9c2

The SEED_TOKEN can be genrated from your organization’s settings.

This allows you to control when you want your serverless apps to be deployed to Seed. You don’t need to push a Git commit to do so. This makes it easy to integrate your workflow with Seed.

Read more about deploying with the Seed CLI over on our docs.