Monorepo support in Seed is now publicly available. With this change, a Serverless app can have multiple services within it. Seed will also deploy all the services within your app concurrently.

You can read more about services in Serverless Framework here. And the popular patterns for organizing Serverless projects.

App Pipeline view

Seed will also manage the environments across all the services in your app. And changing the settings for a stage will apply those changes to all the services in the stage.

App Stage settings

While an app in Seed can have multiple services; it defaults to looking for a serverless.yml in the root of the project. This means that if you are using a multi-repo setup, with each service in a separate repo; Seed will continue to work just as before without any changes.

You can read more about monorepo support in our docs:

With monorepo support, Seed now provides a complete CI/CD pipeline for Serverless applications!

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