Seed needs your AWS IAM credentials to deploy your project on your behalf to your AWS account. There are two ways to get your credentials.

1. Your Existing Credentials

This is the quickest way to get your IAM credentials. If you have run the serverless deploy command in your terminal; you have probably configured your AWS CLI. And the IAM credentials are stored in ~/.aws/credentials. By running the following:

$ cat ~/.aws/credentials

The format of this looks something like this:

aws_access_key_id = AKABCDEFGHIJ72LMNOPQ
aws_secret_access_key = 7r0uzfABCDefgh11234567ijklmnop09875quwzs

Here the aws_access_key_id is your IAM Access Key and aws_secret_access_key is your IAM Secret Key.

While it is easy to get your existing credentials, it is better to create it from scratch. This gives you better control over what permissions are granted to Seed.

2. Create New Credentials

Log in to your AWS Console and select IAM from the list of services.

Select IAM Service Screenshot

Select Users.

Select IAM Users Screenshot

Select Add User.

Add IAM User Screenshot

Enter a User name and check Programmatic access, then select Next: Permissions.

This account will be used by Seed. It will be connecting to the AWS API directly and will not be using the Management Console.

Fill in IAM User Info Screenshot

Select Attach existing policies directly.

Add IAM User Policy Screenshot

Search for AdministratorAccess and select the policy, then select Next: Review.

You can provide a more finely grained policy by following the instructions in the Customizing your IAM Policy chapter.

Added Admin Policy Screenshot

Select Create user.

Review IAM User Screenshot

Select Show to reveal Secret access key.

Added IAM User Screenshot

Take a note of the Access key ID and Secret access key.

IAM User Credentials Screenshot

Use these as the IAM Access Key and the IAM Secret Key when you create your project.