You can trigger one-off deployments to any stage or service in Seed. This can be useful for example, when you want to test a hotfix branch in your staging environment.

Manually Deploy a Stage

To manually deploy a stage, head over to the app pipeline.

Select stage

And hit Deploy on the stage you want to manually deploy.

Hit stage trigger deploy

Here you’ll be prompted to select a branch you want to deploy with. Or if this stage has a branch connected to it, you’ll be asked if you want to deploy using it.

Trigger deploy select branch

You can optionally force a deploy using the Serverless Framework --force' flag. By default, Serverless Framework only deploys the services that have been updated. The –force` option overrides this and deploys even if there are no changes.

Force deploy option

Manually Deploy a Service

To deploy a specific service, click the dropdown for the service in the stage you want to deploy.

Select service dropdown

Hit Deploy Service.

Hit service trigger deploy

Just as above, you’ll be asked to select a branch.